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Skyhawks Athletics

Fairborn High School


Skyhawks Athletics

Fairborn High School

Skyhawks Athletics

Fairborn High School

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Game Summary

1 year ago

Boys Tennis 4-1 winners over Middletown Madison

Game Date
Apr 3, 2019

The Fairborn Boy's tennis team was home for their third straight night, and for the third straight night they played well. Tonight though, their efforts were rewarded with a 4-1 win over Middletown Madison at the Community Park Courts.

"We needed a match like this. We were playing better and better, but not seeing positive results on the scoreboard. Tonight could have been a trap match after playing several strong teams in a row. Madison is struggling a little bit and we could have played down to their level, but instead we went out and took care of business out there on the courts. Coach Miller and I are very pleased with what we saw out there tonight."

The lone down spot for the Skyhawks was #1 singles, where Nghi Nguyen continued to struggle to find that elusive first win of the season at #1 singles. The sophomore lost to Willy Baker 4-6, 1-6.

Both Caleb Smith (#2) and Janiel Buita (#3) handled their opponents quite easily. Smith was a 6-0, 6-0 winner over Trent Wood, while Buita picked up his third win of the season with a 6-2, 6-0 win over Jayden Critchfield.

"I can't be any happier with Caleb and Janiel's recent play. They are working hard, and even in defeat they are putting up a strong fight. Tonight, they did a good job of putting away weaker opponents early and never giving them a chance. We had talked about this possibility before the match and they really took it to heart."

Getting their first win of the season at #1 doubles was the team of Silas Smith and Theo Pradelle. They defeated Price Metcalf and Olivia Kraft 6-0, 6-2.

"If anyone on the team needed a win tonight it was these two. They got off to a slow start together as a team, but they have been improving with each match. I think not getting a win had began to bother them so now they have a win and can relax a little bit and just focus on getting better."

Keeping up their strong play at #2 doubles, Sam Steck and Wylie Parker rolled to a 6-0, 6-1 win to round out the scoring.

The JV split a pair of matches. Elia Carle won 6-0, but Juliana Boyd lost her match 5-6.

The win tonight raised the Skyhawks record to 2-5, with Sidney coming to town for another GWOC match on Thursday.
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